Pacific Region Particle Physics Communities

The Joint Meeting of Pacific Region Particle Physics Communities (DPF2006+JPS2006…) will be held from October 29 (Sunday) to November 3 (Friday), 2019 at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. Honolulu is located on the island of Oahu. Oahu is often nicknamed "the gathering place". The 2006 Joint Meeting of the Pacific Region Particle Physics Communities will be the gathering place for particle physicists.

The goal is to hold a forum for young particle physicists in the Pacific region to meet each other, talk about their work, and discuss strategies for dealing with a future where the center of attention for high energy physics research, the LHC, will be at the opposite end of the Earth


Main topics

Particle Astrophysics
Nouvelle Lune 2024
Tevatron Experimental Results
CPV Exp.
Flavor Theory
Low Energy Tests of the SM

Hadron Spectroscopy
LHC (includes commissioning status)
Neutrinos (exp) QCD
Lattice QCD
Field Theory
Beyond the SM (theory)
Super B-Factories

Topics for Parallel sessions:

Field Theory Motivated Theoretical Developments
Neutrino physics
Particle Astrophysics
Lattice QCD and Related Topics
Detector technology
Accelerator Physics
Low Energy tests of the SM
Beyond the SM (includes model building and new particle searches)
Hot and Dense QCD
Higgs, Top, W and Z physics (Exp and Theory)
B Physics and (CPV and non-CPV)
D, K, and Tau Physics
Hadron Spectroscopy
QCD (Exp and Theory)
Computing in HEP (includes GRID)
International Outreach
Publishing in HEP

Travel and US Visas

The conference is being held on the island of Oahu and participants should fly into Honolulu International Airport . We suggest that participants arrive no later than Sunday, Oct 29 as registration/packet pickup is scheduled for that day.

International travel to the United States has become significantly more cumbersome for visitors due to the current visa process. We strongly recommend that international conference participants applying for a US visa should start the process as early as possible. If a Letter of Invitation to the conference is required to make the process easier, please contact us at with your request.


Transportation from the Honolulu airport to all hotels in Waikiki is quite easy. Located outside the baggage claim areas are taxis and shuttle van service. Taxi fares to Waikiki are about $28.00 while the shuttle van is approximately $9.00 per person, each way. In addition, car rental is readily available but not recommended as parking is expensive at the hotels and everything in Waikiki is within walking distance. The local bus system is excellent and cost from the airport to Waikiki is $2.00 each way. However, please note that suitcases are not permitted on the bus.

Hosts and Sponsors

University of Hawaii at Manoa
National Science Foundation
Elsevier Publishers
U.S. Department of Energy


Abouzaid, Erin University of Chicago
Adams, Johannes Punahou School
Adams, Todd Florida State University
Adjepong, Casca University of Cape Coast
Agoh, Tomonori KEK
Alexander, Friedland Los Alamos National Lab
Allen, Mark SLAC
Allen, Roland Texas A&M University
Andreev, Valeri UC-Los Angeles
Anzelc, Meghan Northwestern University
Aoki, Hajime Saga University
Aoki, Yasumichi RIKEN BNL Research Center
Arov, Mikhail Northern Illinois Univers
Name Affiliation
Barish, Barry California Institute of Technology
Barnett, Michael Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Baur, Ulrich State Univ. of New York-Buffalo
Becher, Thomas Fermilab
Bechtle, Philip SLAC
Beckwith, Andrew APS/Contractor, FNAL
Behnke, Edward Indiana Univ.-South Bend
Behr, John TRIUMF
Berdine, Daniel University of Rochester
Berger, Edmond Argonne National Laboratory
Biesiada, Jedrzej Princeton University
Bischofberger, Markus University of Melbourne
Bishai, Mary Brookhaven National Laboratory
Biswas, Sandip University of Hawaii
Blanc, Frederic University of Colorado
Bodek, Arie University of Rochester
Bodek, Kazimierz Jagiellonian University
Bomben, Marco INFN - Trieste
Bortoletto, Daniela Purdue University
Bourilkov, Dimitri University of Florida
Box, Andrew University of Hawaii
Braaten, Eric Ohio State University
Brannen, Carl DensityMatrix
Brodzicka, Jolanta KEK
Browder, Tom University of Hawaii
Bruce, Janet University of Hawaii
Bryman, Douglas University of British Columbia
Burke, Susan University of Arizona
Burnett, Thompson University of Washington
Cadirao, Selene Maryknoll High School
Cahn, Robert Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Campanelli, Mario University of Geneva
Name Affiliation
Carl, Gagliardi Texas A&M University
Case, Carl Case Consulting
Casey, Brendan Brown University
Cecire, Ken Hampton University
Chabysheva, Sofia Southern Methodist University
Chaisanguanthum, Kris Harvard University
Chang, Paoti National Taiwan University
Chao, Yuan National Taiwan University
Chatterjee, Lali Institute of Physics
Chen, Edward California Institute of Technology
Cheng, Chih-hsiang California Institute of Technology
Cheung, Kingman National Tsing Hua University
Chiu, Shao-Hsuan Chang Gung University
Chivukula, Sekhar Michigan State University
Chizaki, Yoichi Rikkyo University
Cho, Gi-Chol Ochanomizu University
Chodos, Alan American Physical Society
Choi, Sookyung Gyeongsang University
Choudalakis, Georgios MIT
Christopher, Dawson RIKEN-BNL Research Center
Chung, Kwangzoo Carnegie Mellon University
Ciotti, Joe University of Hawaii-Winward
Claes, Daniel University of Nebraska
Cohen, Andrew Boston University
Collar, Juan University of Chicago
Conway, John UC-Davis
Cooke, Michael Rice University
Cravens, John Parker UC-Irvine
Cronin-Hennessy, Daniel University of Minnesota
Cuenca Almenar, Cristobal UC-Davis
Culbertson, Raymond FNAL
Czarnecki, Andrzej University of Alberta
Name Affiliation
Dagbo, Francis WAAF
Dash, Manmohan Virginia Tech
Dawson, Sally BNL
De, Kaushik Univ. of Texas-Arlington
de Jong, Jeffrey Illinois Institute of Technology
Degenhardt, James University of Michigan
Deguchi, Shinichi Nihon University
Deng, Jianrong Duke University
Deng, Weiran University of Utah
Denisov, Dmitri Fermilab
Dierckxsens, Mark BNL
Dobashi, Suguru Hokkaido University
Dodelson, Scott Fermilab
Dong, Huishi State U. of NY-Stony Brook
Driscoll, Donald Case Western Reserve University
Drutskoy, Alexey University of Cincinnati
Dujmic, Denis SLAC
Dutta, Bhaskar Texas A&M University
Dye, Stephen Hawaii Pacific University
Eads, Michael University of Nebraska
Edwards, Adam Stanford University
Efron, Jonathan Ohio State University
Era, Fumio The Physical Society of Japan
Erler, Jens IF -UNAM
Esen, Selda Brown University
Eto, Minoru University of Tokyo
Eyges, Vitaly Iowa State University
Fang, Hung-Chung LBNL/UC-Berkeley
Fauland, Peter EPFL-Lausanne
Ferapontov, Alexey Kansas State University
Fiedler, Frank Munich University
Field, Bryan Florida State University
Name Affiliation
Flanagan, John KEK
Fleming, Bonnie Yale University
Flood, Kevin University of Wisconsin/SLAC
Flores, Ruben UASLP-Mexico
Fu, Shaohua Fermilab
Fujimori, Toshiaki Tokyo Institute of Technology
Fujiwara, Kazuhito Osaka City University
Fujiwara, Tsunehiro Kyoto University
Fukase, Yoko Ochanomizu University
Fukuma, Kazumi Takuma National College of Techn
Fulsom, Bryan University of British Columbia
Gan, K.K. Ohio State University
Garcia, Carlos University of Rochester
Garisto, Robert Physical Review Letters
Garmash, Alexey Princeton University
Gibson, Karen University of Pittsburgh
Ginges, Jacinda University of New South Wales
Gmyrek, Bryan University of Arizona
Godang, Romulus University of Mississippi
Golob, Bostjan University of Ljubljana-Slovenia
Golossanov, Alexander Fermilab
Golowich, Eugene University of Massachusetts
Gomi, Shinichi Kyoto University
Goncharov, Maxim Texas A&M University
Gough Eschrich, Ivo UC-Irvine
Grach, Peter Kamehameha High School
Graesser, Michael Rutgers University
Graham, Mathew SLAC
Gray, Richard Cornell University
Grinstein, Benjamin UC-San Diego
Gritsan, Andrei Johns Hopkins University
Guler, Hulya University of Hawaii
Name Affiliation
Haas, Andrew Columbia University
Halzen, Francis University of Wisconsin
Hamada, Ken-ji KEK
Hamilton, John University of Hawaii-Hilo
Han, Bo Young University of Rochester
Han, Jiyeon University of Rochester
Harel, Amnon University of Rochester
Harris, Frederick University of Hawaii
Harris, Robert Fermilab
Harrison, Paul University of Warwick
Hartfiel, Brandon California State U-Dominguez Hills
Hasegawa, Masayasu University of Kanazawa
Hashimoto, Koji University of Tokyo
Hashimoto, Shoji KEK
Hatsuda, Machiko Urawa University & KEK
Haupt, Jason University of Minnesota
Hayashi, Daiji N-Lab, Nagoya University
Hayashi, Masako Hiroshima University
Hazumi, Masashi KEK
Heller, Urs Physical Review D
Higgs, Vince Cambridge University Press
Higuchi, Katsuichi Kobe Kaisei College
Higuchi, Takeo KEK
Hikasa, Ken-ichi Tohoku University
Hiller, John University of Minnesota-Duluth
Hirata, Tomoyoshi Kyoto University
Hirayama, Minoru University of Toyama
Hisano, Junji ICRR, Univ. of Tokyo
Hokuue, Takashi Nagoya University
Honda, Minako Ochanomizu University
Hooberman, Benjamin UC-Berkeley & LBNL
Horata, Shinichi SOKENDAI
Name Affiliation
Hosotani, Yutaka Osaka University
Hotta, Kenji KEK
Hou, Suen Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Hu, Yuan SUNY-Stony Brook
Hudson, Jacob St. Andrew's Priory
Hyakutake, Yoshifumi Osaka University
Ibaraki, Diane University of Hawaii
Ichikawa, Kazuhide ICRR, University of Tokyo
Ichinose, Shoichi University of Shizuoka
Imachi, Masahiro Yamagata University
Imazato, Jun KEK
Imoto, Ayako Nara Women's University
Inagaki, Takao KEK
Inagaki, Tomohiro Hiroshima University
Inoue, Koki University of Tsukuba
Inoue, Kunio RCNS, Tohoku University
Intriligator, Kenneth UC-San Diego
Inui, Masahiro Osaka City University
Ishiguro, Katsuya Kanazawa University
Ishii, Takanobu KEK
Ishikawa, Kenichi Hiroshima University
Ishiki, Goro Osaka University
Ishino, Hirokazu Tokyo Institute of Technology
Itoh, Hideo ICRR, University of Tokyo
Itou, Etsuko Osaka University
Ivanov, Andrew UC-Davis
Iwai, Go KEK
Iwasaki, Masako University of Tokyo
Iwata, Takahiro Yamagata University
Jackson, Christopher Brookhaven National Laboratory
Jackson, Paul Univ. "La Sapienza"&INFN-Italy
Jain, Supriya Fermilab
Name Affiliation
Jayatilaka, Bodhitha Duke University
Jeffrey, Temple University of Arizona
Jones, Mike University of Hawaii
Jordan, Thomas Fermilab
Kah, Dongha Kyungpook National University
Kamaev, Oleg Illinois Institute of Technology
Kamiya, Yoshio Waseda University
Kanamori, Issaku RIKEN
Kaneda, Michiru ICEPP, University of Tokyo
Kanehata, Yoshimi Ochanomizu University
Kaneko, Takashi KEK
Kao, Chung University of Oklahoma
Kaplan, Daniel Illinois Institute of Technology
Karmgard, Daniel University of Notre Dame
Karp, Robert Rutgers University
Kataoka, Sachiko Nara Women's University
Kato, Akishi University of Tokyo
Kato, Tokufumi Stony Brook University
Katsumata, Fumie Nara Women's University
Kau, Daekwang Florida State University
Kaushik, Venkatesh University of Texas at Arlington
Kawabata, Kiyoshi Tokyo University of Science
Kawamoto, Noboru Hokkaido University
Kawamuko, Hiroyuki Kyoto University
Kawasaki, Shinsuike University of tokyo
Kawasaki, Takeo Niigata University
Kawashima, Kazuhiro Rikkyo University
Kayser, Boris Fermilab
Kazama, Yoichi University of Tokyo
Khakzad, Mohsen Carleton University
Kibe, Yoshiaki Tohoku University
Kidonakis, Nikolaos Kennesaw State University
Name Affiliation
Kihara, Hironobu Osaka City University
Kikuchi, Naoki Tohoku University
Kilgore, William Brookhaven National Laboratory
Kim, Dongwook Seoul National University
Kim, Guinyun Kyungpook National University
Kim, Hong Joo Kyungpook National University
Kim, Hyung Do Seoul National University
Kim, Seok Korea Inst. for Advanced Study
Kim, Shinhong University of Tsukuba
Kim, Sung-Gi Nagoya University
Kim, Young-Kee FNAL
Kinoshita, Kay University of Cincinnati
Kishimoto, Isao KEK
Kishimoto, Tadafumi Osaka University
Kobayashi, Akizo Niigata University
Kobayashi, Tomio ICEPP, University of Tokyo
Koffas, Thomas CERN
Kohyama, Hiroaki Osaka City University
Koide, Yoshio University of Shizuoka
Koike, Masafumi Saitama University
Kokado, Akira Kobe International University
Kolomensky, Yury LBNL/UC-Berkeley
Komatsubara, Takeshi KEK-IPNS
Kondo, Kaori University of Bochum
Kono, Takanori CERN
Krokovnyy, Pavel KEK
Kroll, Joseph University of Pennsylvania
Kubo, Hajime Kyoto University
Kubo, Hirofumi Kyushu University
Kukartsev, Gennadiy UC-Berkeley
Kumar, Krishna Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst
Kuno, Yoshitaka Osaka University
Name Affiliation
Kurachi, Masafumi YITP, SUNY Stony Brook
Kuramashi, Yoshinobu University of Tsukuba
Kurimoto, Takeshi Univ. of Toyama
Kuroki, Tsunehide KEK
Kusakabe, Yoshiaki Waseda University
Kutter, Thomas LSU
Kvita, Jiri Charles University
Landsberg, Greg Brown University
Lang, Brian University of Minnesota
Lawrence, Albion Brandeis University/KITP-UCSB
Lazopoulos, Achilleas University of Hawaii
Learned, John University of Hawaii
Lee, Sangmin Seoul National University
Lee, William Fermilab
Leibovich, Adam University of Pittsburgh
Levine, Ilan Indiana Univ.- South Bend
Levkova, Ludmila Universuty of Utah
Li, Jin University of Hawaii
Li, Xuanzhong Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst
Li, Ze Ji University of Hawaii
Ligeti, Zoltan LBL
Lin, Sheng-Wen National Taiwan University
Lin, Simon Inst. of Phys., Academia Sinica
Lincoln, Adam Wayne State University
Lister, Alison UC-Davis
Liu, Feng UC-Riverside
Liu , Shengguang KEK
Liu, Zhiyi Simon Fraser University
Lopes Pegna, David Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Lopez, loredana University of Bari & INFN
Lu, Minghui University of Oregon
Lujan, Paul Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Name Affiliation
Luth, Vera SLAC
Lykken, Joseph Fermilab
Mackenzie, Paul Fermilab
Maeda, Takashi University of Tsukuba
Magass, Carsten RWTH-Aachen
Mahapatra, Rupak UC-Santa Barbara
Majewski, Stephanie Stanford University
Maki, Takuya Japan Women's Col of Phys. Edu.
Maki, Tuula Univeristy of Helsinki & HIP
Makovec, Nikola LAL-France
Maksimovic, Petar The Johns Hopkins University
Malhotra, Rahul University of Hawaii
Maltman, Kim York University
Manago, Naohiro Institute for Cosmic Ray Research
Marfatia, Danny University of Kansas
Margaroli, Fabrizio University of Bologna & INFN
Maruyama, Takasumi University of Tsukuba
Masahiro, Morii Harvard University
Masubuchi, Tatsuya University of Tsukuba
Masuda, Masataka ICRR, University of Tokyo
Matsuda, Tatsuro University of Miyazaki
Matsuda, Tomohiro Saitama Institute of Technology
Matsufuru, Hideo KEK
Matsumoto, Shigeki KEK
Matsumoto, Shigeo Chuo University
Matsumoto, Takahiro KEK
Matsumura, Toru Natl. Defense Academy-Japan
Matsuno, Shige University of Hawaii
Matsuo, Yutaka University of Tokyo
Matsuzaki, Akihiro Nagoya University
Matsuzaki, Shinya Nagaoya University
McBride, Patricia Fermilab
Name Affiliation
McDonald, Kristian University of Melbourne
Mcgee, Sean University of Washington
McKellar, Bruce University of Melbourne
Mehen, Thomas Duke University
Melnikov, Kirill University of Hawaii
Meyer, Holger Fermilab
Miles, Jeffrey MIT
Millet, Thomas IPNL
Minakami, Derek Kailua High School
Minakata, Hisakazu Tokyo Metropolitan University
Minamizaki, Azusa Ochanomizu Univ.
Mishra, Kalanand University of Cincinnati
Miura, Kohtaroh Hokkaido University
Miwa, Akitsugu University of Tokyo
Miyabayashi, Kenkichi Nara Women's University
Miyake, Hideki Osaka University
Miyazaki, Tadashi Tokyo University of Science
Miyazaki, Yoshiyuki Nagoya University
Mizoguchi, Shun'ya KEK
Moed, Shulamit University of Geneva
Mori, Toshinori University of Tokyo
Morita, Masaaki Okinawa Natl. College of Techn.
Morita, Takeshi KEK
Morita, Youhei KEK
Morozumi, Takuya Hiroshima University
Muelmenstaedt, Johannes Berkeley Lab
Muller, David SLAC
Mundal, Olav University of Freiburg
Murgia, Simona Stanford University
Muroi, Akira Osaka University
Nadolsky, Pavel Argonne National Laboratory
Nagai, Minoru ICRR, University of Tokyo
Name Affiliation
Nagai, Yoshikazu University of Tsukuba
Nagano, Ai University of Tsukuba
Nagaoka, Satoshi KEK
Nagasawa, Tomoaki Anan National College of Tech.
Nagashima, Takayuki Tokyo Institute of Technology
Nagata, Kazuhiro Indiana University
Naitou, Daisuke Okayama University
Nakagawa, Koichi Hoshi University
Nakajima, Hideo Utsunomiya University
Nakamura, Mitsuhiro Nagoya University
Nakamura, Yousuke University of Tsukuba
Nakano, Toshiyuki Nagoya University
Nakariki, Shin-ichi Okayama Univ. of Science
Nakatsu, Toshio Osaka University
Nakawaki, Yuji Setsunan University
Nakaya, Tsuyoshi Kyoto University
Nakkagawa, Hisao Nara University
Namba, Toshio ICEPP, University of Tokyo
Nanao, Josephine University of Hawaii
Nandi, Satyanarayan Oklahoma State University
Nanjo, Hajime Kyoto University
Naples, Donna University of Pittsburgh
Natsuume, Makoto KEK
Neal, Homer University of Michigan
Neubauer, Mark UC-San Diego
Nguyen, Xuan Phuoc University of Hawaii
Nikkel, James Yale University
Ninomiya, Masao Kyoto University
Nishigaki, Shinsuke Shimane University
Nishihara, Kazuyuki ICEPP, University of Tokyo
Nishimura, Jun KEK
Nishimura, Kurtis University of Hawaii
Name Affiliation
Nishio, Sakiko Ochanomizu University
Nix, Jonathan University of Chicago
Noaki, Jun-Ichi KEK
Noda, Koji ICRR, University of Tokyo
Nojiri, Mihoko KEK
Noma, Yui Osaka University
Nordstrom, Dennis Physical Review D
Oda, Kin-ya RIKEN
Odake, Satoru Shinshu University
Oe, Kenta ICEPP, University of Tokyo
O'Fallon, John U.S. Dept. of Energy
Ogawa, Satoru Toho University
Ohashi, Keisuke Tokyo Institute of Technology
Ohkuma, Kazumasa Fukui University of Technology
Okada, Nobuchika KEK
Okada, Yasuhiro KEK
Okazaki, Nao University of Tokyo
Okumura, Akira ICRR
Okumura, Kimihiro University of Tokyo
Olinto, Angela University of Chicago
Olsen, James Princeton University
Olsen, Stephen University of Hawaii
Olthof, Rose ELSEVIER
Onogi, Tetsuya Kyoto University
Onyisi, Peter Cornel University
Ooguri, Hirosi California Institute of Technology
Ookouchi, Yutaka California Institute of Technology
Oreglia, Mark University of Chicago
Orimoto, Toyoko California Institute of Technology
Otero y Garzon, Gustavo University of Illinois
Ovrut, Burt University of Pennsylvania
Paes, Heinrich University of Hawaii
Name Affiliation
Pakvasa, Sandip University of Hawaii
Palencia, Enrique Instituto de Fisica de Cantabria
Park, Jae-hyeon Tohoku University
Park, Woochun University of South Carolina
Pavlunin, Victor UC-Santa Barbara
Pawloski, Gregory Rice University
Peters, Michael University of Hawaii
Peterson, Bob Fermilab
Petriello, Francis University of Wisconsin
Phillips, Thomas Duke University
Piilonen, Leo Virginia Tech
Piontek, Jeff Hawaii DOE Science Project
Pogorelov, Yury Notre Dame University
Polchinski, Joseph KITP, UC-Santa Barbara
Popovic, Milorad FNAL
Prell, Soeren Iowa State University
Punzi, Giovanni University of Pisa
Rakitin, Alexander Lancaster University
Ray, Rashmi Physical Review D
Ray, Ronald Fermilab
Reichenbacher, Juergen Argonne Nat'l Lab
Reinbacher, Rene Rutgers University
Renner, Dru University of Arizona
Rey, Soo-Jong Seoul National University
Rodriguez, Jorge University of Florida
Roe, Natalie LBNL
Roodman, Aaron SLAC
Rorie, Jamal University of Hawaii
Rosenberg, Eli Iowa State University
Ross, Marc FNAL
Rozpedzik, Dagmara Jagiellonian University
Name Affiliation
Ruchti, Randal National Science Foundation
Sahakyan, David Rutgers University
Saito, Jun Hokkaido University
Saito, Takesi Kwansei Gakuen University
Sakaguchi, Makoto Okayama Inst. for Quantum Phys.
Sakai, Norisuke Tokyo Institute of Technology
Sakamoto, Hiroshi ICRR, University of Tokyo
Sakamoto, Jiro Shimane University
Sakamoto, Makoto Kobe University
Sakamoto, Yasunobu Tohoku Gakuin University
Sakamura, Yutaka Osaka University
Sakurai, Kazuki Nagoya University
Sakurai, Makoto University of Tokyo
Sanchez, Mayly Harvard University
Saoulidou, Niki Fermilab
Sarcevic, Ina University of Arizona
Saremi, Sepehr Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst
Sasai, Yuya YITP
Sasaki, Makoto University of Tokyo
Sato, Jo Saitama University
Sato, Matsuo Osaka University
Scanio, Joseph University of Cincinnati
Scanlon, Tim Imperial College
Schilling, Chris University of Texas
Schissel, David General Atomics
Schmitz, David Columbia University
Schnabl, Martin IAS, Princeton
Schuemann, Jan KEK
Sekino, Yasuhiro Okayama Institute
Senami, Masato ICRR, University of Tokyo
Serrano, Justine LAL
Shen, Xiaoyan IHEP-Chinese Academy of Science
Name Affiliation
Shigemi, Ohta IPNS/KEK
Shigemitsu, Junko Ohio State University
Shimizu, Itaru RCNS, Tohoku University
Shimizu, Shima University of Tokyo
Shintani, Eigo University of Tsukuba
Shirai, Junpei Tohoku University
Siegrist, James LBNL
Silverstein, Eva Stanford University
Simmons, Elizabeth Michigan State University
Simone, James Fermilab
Singleton, Douglas California State Univ.-Fresno
Skwarnicki, Tomasz Syracuse University
Snow, Gregory University of Nebraska
Snyder, Jessica University of Kansas
Soha, Aron UC-Davis
Somov, Alexander University of Cincinnati
Soni, Amarjit Brookhaven National Lab
Sozzi, Marco University of Pisa
Stallard, Bryan Local Group Enterprises
Stelzer, Bernd UC-Los Angeles
Stephenson, Gerard University of New Mexico
Strandberg, Jonas University of Michigan
Strandberg, Sara Stockholm University
Stroiney, Steven Cornell University
Strom, Derek Northwestern University
Suehara, Taikan University of Tokyo
Suehiro, Kazuhiko Hokkaido Uviversity
Suekane, Fumihiko Tohuku University
Sugamoto, Akio Ochanomizu University
Sugimoto, Shigeki Nagoya University
Sugimoto, Takuya Nagoya University
Sugiyama, Hiroaki KEK
Name Affiliation
Sukegawa, Chika Ochanomizu University
Sumida, Toshi Kyoto University
Sumiyoshi, Takayuki Tokyo Metropolitan University
Sushkov, Oleg University of New South Wales
Suyama, Takao Kyoto University
Suzuki, Hisao Hokkaido University
Swain, Sanjay SLAC
Taguchi, Makoto Kyoto University
Tai, Tasheng Tokyo University
Tait, Timothy Argonne National Lab
Tajima, Hiroyasu SLAC
Takahashi, Tomohiko Nara Women's University
Takamura, Akira Toyota Natl. College of Tech.
Takashima, Ryuichi Kyoto University of Education
Takasugi, Eiichi Osaka University
Takenaga, Kazunori Tohoku University
Takeuchi, Tatsu Virginia Tech
Tani, Nobuhiro Tohoku University
Tanimoto, Naho Duke University
Tashiro, Tsutomu Okayama University of Science
Tata, Xerxes University of Hawaii
Taylor, Washington MIT
Ter Veldhuis, Tonnis Macalester College
Terunuma, Sachiko Ochanomizu University
Thaler, Jesse UC-Berkeley
Thompson, Joshua SLAC
Thomson, Evelyn University of Pennsylvania
Tiwari, Vivek Carnegie Mellon University
Tollefson, Kirsten Michigan State University
Torchiani, Ingo University of Freiburg
Trabelsi, Karim KEK
Trang, David University of Hawaii-Hilo
Name Affiliation
Trueman, Laurence Brookhaven National Laboratory
Tsai, Sheng-Yi Nihon University
Tschirhart, Robert Fermilab
Tsuchiya, Asato Osaka University
Tsuchiya, Yasushi Tohoku University
Tsumura, Koji Osaka University
Tsutsui, Izumi KEK
Tsybychev, Dmitri SUNY-Stony Brook
Tuts, Philip Columbia University
Uchida, Kirika University of Hawaii
Uchinami, Shoichi Tokyo Metropolitan University
Uchiyama, Fumiyo University of Tsukuba
Uda, Yuuichi Uda's School
Ueng, Wei-Long Academia Sinica
Ukawa, Akira University of Tsukuba
Ulmer, Keith University of Colorado
Urakawa, Junji KEK
Uscinski, Jessica University of Arizona
Uzunyan, Sergey NIU
Vachon, Brigitte McGill University
Vahsen, Sven Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Valencia, German Iowa State University
Vander Werf, Nathan Indiana University-South Bend
Varner, Gary University of Hawaii
Vaupel, Maren University of Wuppertal
Veszpremi, Viktor Purdue University
von Toerne, Eckhard Kansas State University
Wade, Fisher Fermilab
Wakabayashi, Yuya Rikkyo University
Wang, Chin-chi National Taiwan University
Wang, Jianchun Syracuse University
Wang, Lei University of Maryland
Name Affiliation
Wang, Ping KIPAC-SLAC/Stanford University
Wang, Wei Boston University
Wang, Yili University of Oklahoma
Ward, Bennie Baylor University
Washio, Masakazu Waseda University
Watanabe, Isamu Akita Keizaihoka University
Watanabe, Minori Niigata University
Watanabe, Yasushi Tokyo Institute of Technology
Watts, Gordon University of Washington
Weber, Mike Bringham Young University
Weerts, Harry Argonne National Lab
Weinberger, Michael Texas A&M University
Whelan, Kris LBNL
Wilcox, Mavourneen University of Hawaii
Williams, Mark Lancaster University
Williams, Philip U.S. Department of Energy
Wodin, Jesse Stanford University
Yamada, Ryuji Fermilab
Yamada, Yoshinori University of Tsukuba
Yamaguchi, Masahide Aoyama Gakuin University
Yamaguchi, Masahiro Tohoku University
Yamamoto, Hitoshi Tohoku University
Yamanaka, Taku Osaka University
Yamashita, Jun University of Toyama
Yamazaki, Yuji KEK
Yao, Wei-Ming LBNL
Yarritu, Kevin SLAC
Ye, Shuwei University of Texas-Dallas
Yi, Kai SLAC
Yokoi, Naoto RIKEN
Yokoyama, Hiromi SOKENDAI
Yonehara, Katsuya FNAL
Name Affiliation
Yoshida, Kentaroh KEK
Yoshida, Koji Nara University
Yoshino, Takahiko 21 Soken Institute
Yoshioka, Tamaki ICEPP, University of Tokyo
Yost, Scott Baylor University
Yukawa, Tetsuyuki SOKENDAI
Yusa, Yosuke Virginia Polytechnic Inst